Issue #6 November 2017

Pro Tips for Workplace Wellness for Peak Performance

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Winning@Work Essential Advice for Office Admins

Whether it’s setting up in-office health screenings or buying posturepedic chairs, your planning and decision making can contribute to a healthy work environment. This issue of Winning@Work shares wellness tips that can help you and your colleagues thrive in the workplace and beyond.

6 Ways to Stay Healthy and Productive at Work

When you’re the resident problem-solver, it can be easy to let your own healthy habits slide. Try these proven tactics to regroup and recharge.

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Do This Today

Combat the poor posture that can come from long stretches of desk work with
a simple exercise known as the “wall angel.” Stand flat against a wall with your
arms out on either side of you at a 90-degree angle, so that your forearms are pointing straight up. Slowly raise your arms and lower them, repeating this
15 to 20 times. A few minutes a day of this simple exercise can help strengthen
your back and open your shoulders. If you feel self-conscious doing it,
try enlisting a coworker to join you.

Create a Culture of Wellness

Most workplaces earn a B- when it comes to promoting health and wellness, according to the 2017 Staples Workplace Survey. Find ideas to raise these marks and get management buy-in in this handy wellness e-book.

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