Issue #4 September 2017

How to succeed at tackling big projects

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Winning@Work Essential Advice for Office Admins

Your job as an administrative professional demands that you juggle
multiple tasks, from the routine to the challenging. Taking the initiative to
learn some advanced project management skills — like those highlighted in
this issue of Winning@Work — can help you shine.

7 Steps for Managing a Big Project

You can get a big job done to spec and on deadline when you follow some time-tested principles of project management. Check out these seven steps to take you from planning through celebrating success.

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Do This Today

Being able to accurately estimate how long a task will take is key to creating a plan for any big project. Test yourself: Take today’s to-do list, and jot down how long you think it will take to get each thing done. As you go along, track and note the actual time it took — how good were your estimates?

Who’s on Your Project Team?

You know that the bigger the task, the more you need coworkers that you can rely on to help. And you already count on Staples Business Advantage for supplies and tools to get the job done. Build on that partnership by taking advantage of Staples Membership Programs – we’re eager to be part of your team.

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