Webinar: Risk and Resiliency 2.0. Three New Keys to Managing Supply Chain Risk

October 24, 2017

Natural disasters. The bankruptcy of a major ocean carrier. Cyber attacks. And exploding batteries. These are just a few of the risks that have laid supply chains low in recent years. Yet the more firms work on risk and resiliency, the more new issues and challenges seem to pop up.

Simply identifying risk is no longer enough. In Risk Management 2.0, resiliency is the name of the game.

That’s the reason leading firms are broadening their view of risk; expanding it to include the impact on reputation and social responsibility; and elevating the corporate and strategic importance of risk management.

In this session Michigan State professor Steven A. Melnyk will:

  • Outline the issues critical to most supply chain managers
  • Present the new view of risk management and resiliency at leading firms
  • Provide a task list for managers focused on protecting their supply chains and brands

Bob Trebilcock, Executive Editor, Supply Chain Management Review


Steven A. Melnyk, professor, Michigan State 

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