3 Ways to Keep Employees Healthier and Productive

October 19, 2017

With cold and flu season upon us, it can be a tremendous benefit to your workplace wellness efforts to consider three distinct approaches to keeping your employees healthier and more productive.

  1. Keep basic personal hygiene items available for workers (and guests too).
  • The CDC continually reminds us that proper hand washing is our first defense against typical colds and flu viruses. Having quality, sealed, sanitary foaming cartridge hand soaps in the restroom encourages building occupants to wash their hands. Automatic dispensers (that the user doesn’t have to touch) make hand washing more convenient –– and convenience drives compliance. Communicate the benefits of hand washing with downloadable posters from the CDC website
  • People still get their hands and workspaces dirty with germs when they’re not in the restroom and the best way to get them clean is with basics: hand sanitizer, tissues and disinfectant wipes at their workstation. Providing ways to keep the germ count down helps keep everyone in the facility healthier and at work.
  1. Make it a point to keep frequently touched surfaces clean.
    • “Once a Day” cleaning frequencies just don’t keep up with the fight against germs during the tough cold and flu season. Using disinfectant wipes or a good basic disinfectant cleaner along with a quality microfiber cloth will dramatically reduce germs on those surfaces and touch points we encounter many times a day.
    • Concentrate on these common surfaces: Microwave and fridge handles in the breakroom, faucet handles and restroom flush handles (and towel dispensers if you haven’t moved to a touchless system), elevator push buttons, door handles, hand rails, push bars, light switches, phones, desktops, keyboards and anywhere else people touch frequently.
  2. Keep health and safety awareness top of mind.
    • Communicate the need for cleanliness with posters, signage in the restroom (back of stall doors is a great place to get the point across!), the breakroom and around work areas. You can get napkin dispensers with customizable panels to announce flu shots or health awareness week, or use the company intranet to remind workers to get their rest and eat healthier. Make healthy snacks available in the breakroom and make efforts to keep the workplace healthier by cleaning and disinfecting during work hours. 

Following these three easy steps to making workers aware of personal health will make the investment pay off with happier, healthier employees that will be more productive.

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