4 Ways to Take the Office Outdoors

March 28, 2017

In most places, winter is finally loosening its grip and fair weather is starting to make more and more frequent appearances. But even as the weather gets nicer and more and more people spend their days peeking outside to look longingly at the sunlight and grass, we still end up spending most of our days in the office. These office activities keep business moving while getting you out of the office and into the sun.

Meet on the move – We’ve talked about this one before for other reasons—getting up and moving during the day has been proven to help fight the musculoskeletal disorders that are common among largely sedentary jobs, and a quick walk can also help get the brain cells moving, too. But taking your meeting outside, whether you take a walk or just find a shady spot to sit down and chat, is a good way to stay on-schedule and on-track while enjoying the weather. Just draw the line somewhere: taking a departmental meeting outside when your department has 50 people in it might not work as well as you’d hope.

Create an outdoor oasis – You know the importance of a good breakroom. But the destination to refresh and recharge doesn’t have to be restricted to indoors, and picnic tables are for more than just campgrounds. If your office has the outdoor space to do so, consider setting aside a spot for an outdoor break area where employees can take a break or even have an impromptu meeting with a fresh, green change of scenery.

Show your appreciation – Appreciation events have a tendency to fall toward the end of the year, celebrating a year of hard work and success while recognizing those who made it happen. But that timing can make appreciation get lost in the holiday shuffle, and besides, who says appreciating your team can’t be a year-round effort? Take time to treat the team to lunch outside or grill out in the parking lot!

Give back to the community – With more and more people entering the workforce who expect and want their work to make a difference, the warmer months of spring, summer and fall can provide an excellent opportunity to give back while getting out of the office. Look for local organizations and initiatives like home-building projects, planting trees for sustainability awareness, or even beautifying the neighborhood through cleaning efforts and landscaping. It’s a good way to give back to the community, work together as a team, and change up the routine.

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