4 Decaf Ways to Boost Your Day

March 15, 2017

As we discovered when we delved into the minds of coffee drinkers for National Coffee Day last fall, coffee is a big deal for a LOT of people. That makes it all the more amusing that March is Caffeine Awareness Month… and if you got this far into March without being aware of caffeine, then maybe you need a pick-me-up from another source. Don’t get us wrong, we love our java—black, with cream and sugar, flavored, iced, even decaf (gasp!)—but sometimes you need to supplement the jolt with something else. Here are 4 decaf ways to boost your workday and energize!

Visit your breakroom. Wait, we’ve already got our coffee… what else do we need in the breakroom? Actually, more and more, workers expect more of their breakroom than just the coffeepot. Snacks, including healthy and fresh food options, are a perk popping up in more and more offices and are a good way to get over that mid-afternoon slump. In addition, the breakroom should be more than just a way station during your workday—it should be a spot where you can relax, refresh and reset to get back to your day. A well designed, stocked breakroom can provide just the change of scenery you needed to bust down that brain block, caffeine or no.

Take a hike. Yes, get up and leave your desk. While many professional careers nudge workers toward largely sedentary days, becoming one with your desk chair can not only increase your risk for ergonomic injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome, but it can also push your productivity and creativity into an afternoon nap, as well. Studies have shown that a workday walk can lift your mood, encourage creativity and increase your attention span. No way to talk a walk? Consider a work station or other office furniture that will allow you to sit or stand to get you off your feet periodically.  

Collaborate with a colleague. The rise of technology has had a lot of benefits. But when’s the last time you picked up a phone or walked over to a coworker’s desk rather than sending an email? Sure, an email is sometimes the right choice and more efficient, but when the day is stretching long and ideas are just out of reach, sometimes in-person collaboration is the missing ingredient. But be thoughtful about it—collaboration can turn to idle chatter and derail your day without the right focus.

Spice up your space. Does your workspace inspire you, or is it dragging you down? Unfortunately, most workers say their office is standard, plain and dull, and that can take a toll. From updating the whole office to changes in your own cubicle, there are a lot of easy ways to liven up your workspace and add a little energy to your day through organization, color and personalization.

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