8 Fast Flu Facts

January 18, 2017

Each year, cold and flu season leaves businesses’ bottom lines feeling a little sickly, costing an estimated $10.4 billion in direct medical costs and $16.3 billion in lost earnings. This means it’s a problem for more than just each individual employee who gets sick—it’s a huge problem for employers, too. And with nearly 80% of workers still cruising into the office while contagious, it’s up to employers to educate themselves and their staff.

So what are the key things business owners should know as we get further into flu season? Check out this infographic for 8 flu facts every business owner should know.

  • 79% of employees admit they went to work sick last year
  • 52% believe that going to work sick makes them “hardworking and committed”
  • 73% have caught a cold or flu at work
  • Only 48% say their office offers disinfecting wipes to keep their work areas clean
  • But employees are motivated to stay well:
  • 55% would give up social media for a guarantee of no illness for a year
  • 53% would give up coffee for a year to stay healthy
  • 42% would give a vacation day to a sick coworker to keep them from bringing their germs to the office
  • 74% think employers should encourage workers to rest and get better
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