7 Things to do for a Great New Year

December 28, 2016

The cards have been sent out, the gifts have been exchanged, and the office party was a hit. Now you can relax—or can you? We’re a few days away from a new year, and there are a few things you can do every year to ensure a good year for your office.

  1. Review your safety plans and renew your first aid materials. With any luck, your office won’t ever need to enact your safety plans or use your first aid supplies. They’re one of the few things in the office you want to expire and go unused. But your safety plans and first aid materials are only useful  in an emergency if they’re up-to-date, and there’s no better time than the first of the year to sit down and take inventory. For more tips on building your safety plan, check out this post!
  2. Identify, update and recycle outdated tech. We’re all guilty of hanging onto outmoded tech just a little too long on the off-chance that it will be useful. But keeping your old computers, printers and other tech items hanging around is more than just a waste of space; it’s also a huge security risk. Wrapping up one year and moving onto the next is a great reason to take inventory of your office technology. Make sure software, systems and security are up-to-date for the items you still use, and dispose of the items you’re done with responsibly. Take a look at this infographic: most tech can actually be recycled!
  3. Retire or refurbish old, non-functional furniture. The life of an office chair is rough—shuttled from owner to owner, from conference room to conference room, from desk to desk until a caster’s broken, an arm is missing, or the seat is stuck at a height meant only for professional basketball players. But even when an office furniture is no longer fit for use, we tend to hang onto it too long. (Seeing a trend here?) Hello, new year, goodbye, rickety desk chair. Curious about how the wrong furniture can impact the health of your workers? Check out the ergonomic infographic.
  4. Archive your old files. It’s always nice to start fresh, whether it’s on Monday morning or on the first day of business in January. Whether you’re dealing with a filing cabinet full of hard copies or a computer full of digital copies, securely archiving and storing your old files ensures an organized system and optimal security for your company and customer data. This is also a good time to evaluate what data you keep and how much of it you actually need to keep. Take a look at this infographic for tips on securing your data.
  5. Make your breakroom a productivity booster. You want the coming year to be as good as or better than the year you just wrapped up. But the first few months of the year can be tough on productivity. The holidays are over, the weather is crummy and cabin fever is setting in. How can you boost productivity? Take a look at your company breakroom. From stocking it with the right snacks and drinks to ensuring it’s furnished and arranged in a way that encourages employees to rest and refresh, there are a number of ways you can turn your breakroom into a big asset. Check out our article on making a case for a better breakroom.
  6. Review and refresh your marketing materials. What opportunities are coming up for you this year? Planning on seeing prospects and customers face-to-face? Looking to make the right impression? Take a look at your print materials, signage, logoed items and tradeshow booth. Are they up-to-date? Are they in your current brand and consistent across pieces? Do they communicate your message? If you’re looking at a mismatched set of marketing materials, it’s time to streamline and send one powerful, cohesive message to your customers. Wondering what impression your brand is making? Check out these questions you can ask yourself.
  7. Evaluate your suppliers. Finally, take a look at the partners who are providing you with all the pieces you just evaluated. While you don’t need to shake things up with your suppliers each and every year, it’s good to set aside time to figure out which ones are going the extra mile and providing you with a true partnership and which ones might be taking more time to manage than you counted on. Wondering how to spot the right supplier? This guide can help.

You’ve just wrapped a great year—now it’s time to improve on that! These 7 tips are a good place to start, and if you keep checking back with us throughout the year, we’ll keep providing you advantages to use in your business all year long.

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