Latest Trends in Workplace Design: A Wine Wednesday Review (part 3)

August 29, 2016

In our previous post in this series, we reviewed our June Wine Wednesday event, focusing on paint.

In our July Wine Wednesday event, we featured the Ever Changing Face of Education CEU and sought to answer the question: What Ideas and concepts have you personally incorporated into your design models to reflect new trends in learning environments?

Whether in education or the corporate work environment, there are some common trends that we identified across sectors. The need for different types of spaces and flexible meeting spaces seems to be universal as well as more areas to promote collaboration, whether between colleagues or teachers and students. In addition, our discussion found there is a consistent need to continue to incorporate technology and to make it easily accessible. 

When we asked attendees what the biggest challenge was in moving design and concepts forward in K-12 public, and private school projects, the most common responses were:

  • Budget
  • Existing installed furniture
  • Funding/maintenance
  • Procurement and building requirements

As is the reality with many projects, budget and a general resistance to change seem to be the limiting forces when moving a project along. 

We also discussed the question of: If you could design a product or introduce a new functional equipment concept that you find lacking in today’s current product offering what would it be?

This popular question has revealed some very interesting and innovative ideas such as a self-balancing seat that is height adjustable or fits a multitude of body styles/sizes from young to old.

Check our list of upcoming Wine Wednesdays to see if we’ll be in your backyard soon. 


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