Latest Trends in Workplace Design: A Wine Wednesday Review (part 2)

August 26, 2016

In our last post, we reviewed our May Wine Wednesday which focused on healthy work environments.

In June, our Wine Wednesday featuring Paint 101 CEU sought to answer these questions: When selecting finishes how important is the paint in your project?  What elements of paint are important to you as a designer and/or to your client?

At first thought, paint may seem like a simple finish and something that will go in a space regardless of the scope of work (unless bare sheetrock is your thing). But the designers and clients we spoke to during this session revealed paint is a much more key element than some may think. 

Paint is a high-impact feature and the options are practically infinite – from color to finish and type.  Paint can tie a space together and the color choice alone can dramatically affect the emotions and energy of an environment. The plus is that it is also a relatively inexpensive finish that can have a strong effect, making it a design friendly feature for any budget. 

When considering the most important aspects of paint in the workplace, the most common answer was color, as you might expect. By extension, the concept of using graphics on the walls to tell a company’s story is becoming increasingly popular as a way to incorporate brand into almost any design. Beyond aesthetics, paint can help in other ways, particularly in way finding. Using different colors to help delineate and distinguish spaces can make an environment more user-friendly and accessible. 

When considering the different elements of paint and what is important to designers and clients alike, the audience was practically unanimous. Durability and performance were the top two most important aspects of paint. It has to be able to withstand a beating and still look good past the initial move into a space.

Next up, we’ll review the July Wine Wednesday, which focused on educational opportunities.

Check our list of upcoming Wine Wednesdays to see if we’ll be in your backyard soon. 

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