Latest Trends in Workplace Design: A Wine Wednesday Review (part 1)

August 22, 2016

Summer is typically a time when the pace of work can slow down (just a little bit) as we take advantage of vacations and “summer Fridays.” Here at Staples Business Advantage summer is also a time to get to know our industry leaders better through our Wine Wednesdays.

In our Wine Wednesdays, we bring cocktails and food to our regional showrooms around the country – our own “backyard barbecue.”  We gather members of the architecture and design industry in various markets to hear what they have to say on different trends in the field. And we have found whether you are in Seattle or Atlanta, most of the themes and sentiments are universal and the trends seem to know no geographic boundaries. The conversation has been fruitful (and not just the wine) and I’d like to review some of what we heard in this series of posts. 

Our May Wine Wednesday featuring the Designing Healthy Working Environments CEU asked the question: Beyond ergonomics, what other design elements can be brought into a space to promote a healthy work environment?

Our attendees said when it comes to a healthy environment, the most important elements are those that affect our senses more directly such as proper lighting and natural light, noise masking and airflow.  In this instance, lighting does not just refer to the overall ambient light but to the individuals’ task lighting. The simple concept that employees could control the lighting in their personal space was a big win for designers and employers alike. 

Spaces that encourage movement and walking were also a hot topic of discussion, whether this is accomplished through sit-to-stand furniture or by strategically placing communal resources such as copiers in areas that require employees to walk to them. This also extends to environments that offer different settings that are easily accessible to employees so they are empowered to find the right space that fits their mood and task.

Next up in our series, I’ll review the topics from our June Wine Wednesday.

Check our list of upcoming Wine Wednesdays to see if we’ll be in your backyard soon. 

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