5 Ways Design Impacts the Office

November 16, 2016

Think about how much time you spend in the office—if you’re like the majority of workers, you’re putting in more than the 40 hours that were once considered the norm. But while you’re spending all that time in the office, are you really paying attention to what’s around you? More and more, workers and business leaders are realizing the impact of office design decisions.

According to our 2016 Workplace Index, a surprising 44% of workers want more attention paid to the design in their office, and the top 3 words they use to describe their current offices are: standard, plain and dull. Ouch—and to make matters worse, 84% don’t find the office a source of inspiration. So if you ask workers what they want out of office design, what do you find? Here are the top 5 things on employees’ office design wish lists.

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Thumbnail image: AllSteel® Beyond® Movable Walls and Clarity® Seating

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