Ticked at Your Tech?

October 5, 2016

Technology has changed the workplace in innumerable ways, automating tasks that were once time-consuming and tedious and allowing us to work from nearly anywhere in the world, anytime. But as we’ve learned, the evolution of technology has its challenges—and frustrations. From the IT departments trying to keep up with the increasing demand for up-to-date tools to the everyday users who battle the “blue screen of death” on a daily basis, everyone has a tech pet peeve.

We asked some of our customers what digital demons they’d faced with their computers recently and found we could all relate. Any of these sound familiar?

Restart required – You’re settled in and ready to tackle that to-do list that’s been taped to the side of your monitor all week. You get started on the first thing, and bam… your computer needs to restart to install some very urgent update or another. Hope you have some hard-copy work you can do, because this is going to take a while.

The save that never was – We’ve all been there… you get in the zone, you’re flying along, and something goes amiss. Whether your power goes out or your program crashes, the result is the same: you break into a cold sweat wondering when you last hit “save”. If you’re lucky, it was recently. But all too often, all that hard work is gone, and you’re back at square one.

New but not improved – “New” is great when it comes to tech, right? Sometimes. But when you’re talking systems, software, programs and other technological gears and cogs, “new” comes with a learning curve… and sometimes a bug or two along the way. New technology can also bring with it new problems, and it’s not long before you’re wishing for the days of old again.

Sharing is caring – One way to save yourself from a system crash is to use a share system where files live on a common drive. But even that can cause problems, as anyone can attest who’s been locked out of a shared file for hours (or even days) at a time when a clueless colleague wandered off and left the file open.

Better call an exorcist – We didn’t even want to paraphrase this extra-crispy tech tale.

“I came in to work to turn my PC on and it wouldn't turn on. I tried several times and it did eventually come on… it's been moving pretty slow, but I thought it was a network thing. Come to find out the computer is badly damaged on the inside to the point that there was a burning smell.”

Thankfully, there are IT experts out there who help walk us through our tech tussles and provide us with new gadgets when our old ones go up in smoke—literally or figuratively. But next time you stop to growl at what seems like your hundredth system update of the week, ask yourself how your job would be with no technology at all!




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