6 Stats That Prove Company Culture Matters

September 7, 2016

Workplace culture and company culture are terms that are swiftly rising in the ranks of business buzzwords. But can your company’s cultural elements really impact your business, or are they just a “nice to have?” As part of our 2016 Workplace Index, we examined various elements of company culture to see how they impacted productivity, morale and loyalty. What did we find?

From a company’s tech to its telecommuting policies, its management to its meeting styles, the little things that comprise your company’s culture contribute to how much employees get done and how they feel while they’re doing it. Check out these 6 stats that prove your company culture actually can matter to your talent and your bottom line.

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  • 38% of professionals are most inspired in an environment where it’s easy to work effectively with others.
  • Nearly 60% of employees say they have a voice at work and more than 50% say they’ve gained more influence over the last five years.
  • Nearly 25% of meetings aren’t considered productive.
  • The majority of workers say telecommuting has a positive impact on work-life balance, productivity, happiness and even health.
  • The top words workers used to describe their ideal leader are: Communicative, truthful and reliable.
  • 63% of workers prioritize sustainability when considering employment, but 43% of companies aren’t making any environmental efforts.
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