How Will We Work in 2021?

July 7, 2016

Five years ago, how would you have predicted the office of today? Did you think we’d have even more open space, or less? Did you foresee businesses seeking ways to integrate outdoor relaxation spaces and natural light, or did you think we’d be working in more industrial settings? Did you think we’d be in the office at all, or would you have predicted the takeover of telework? No matter what you might have predicted several years ago, workers and their workspaces have continued to surprise us, integrating and elevating the workplace from a place with clearly defined boundaries to a more fluid, flexible concept. Considering that, look ahead… what do you think the office will look like in yet another five years?

That’s what we’re asking architects, interior designers, product designers, and design students in the Tomorrow’s Workplace competition, held in conjunction with Metropolis magazine. As we discovered in our recent Workplace Index, the workplace might be more important than ever as people spend more time there, get most of their work done there, and are clamoring for more inspiration there. Where we work has an impact—and we want to know what you think that impact looks like in the future.

The competition, which runs through October 8, offers designers a chance to showcase their innovative ideas about the workplace revolution, as well as a shot at a $7,500 grand prize or a $2,500 runner-up prize.

As we continue to learn more about how the workplace impacts employees and productivity, we’re excited and interested to see where the workplace will take us—and what others’ vision of that future workplace is like. You can find more information about the Tomorrow’s Workplace competition here.

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