The Top 10 Craziest Jobs Admins Do

April 27, 2016

Happy Administrative Professional’s Day! While it should happen more than once a year, today’s a great day to extend a heartfelt thanks and some employee recognition to your administrative professional.

Several weeks ago, we solicited feedback from administrative professionals, asking them about the craziest tasks they’d ever had to do in the line of admin work. We were amused, surprised and shocked by some of the answers. From doing the boss’s gardening to karaoke on command, there were a host of weird and wacky requests, and our readers and advocates voted on the weirdest to rank the list of unconventional (and sometimes unreasonable) admin tasks. Here’s our very own top ten list: The Top 10 Crazy Things Admins Have Been Asked to Do.

(click for full-size infographic)

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