Meet Staples Business Advantage

March 15, 2016

This morning, we woke up with a new name, ushering in a renewed, energized commitment to businesses, the customers who we are proud to collaborate with and provide every advantage to. Meet Staples Business Advantage.

“With more than 20 years of experience serving and fulfilling the needs of businesses of all sizes, this brand re-launch emphasizes the many advantages that our breadth of products, services and expertise offer to sophisticated businesses buyers.” - Shira Goodman, President of North American Operations.  

Spring is a great time to stop and rearticulate what's most important to our business, and that's listening to your business. While the last several years have allowed us to do things for our customers like expand our product and service offerings, enhance our online and mobile e-commerce capabilities, and build teams centered around deep category expertise, now is the perfect time to examine how we can best equip our customers with everything they need to make their business run smoothly and successfully.

Along with today's brand relaunch, we have a lot of exciting activities and announcements planned.

Ringing in #EveryAdvantage - We're starting off the day by ringing the opening bell at NASDAQ, signaling the beginning of trading and the beginning of our new name and our new approach. At 9:15 a.m. EST, you can watch us ring the bell with associates and customers here.

Demonstrating the impact of the workplace - This afternoon, we're celebrating the opening of our newest and largest Workplace Experience Center in Englewood, New Jersey. This 67,00 square-foot facility highlights the latest trends in the workplace in an interactive, informative setting. From how we work to how we takes breaks, to how we learn, teach and heal, the Workplace Experience Center brings various workplaces to life for our customers.


Pioneering new ways to shop - We know our customers are busy. From large, Fortune 100 companies to small, independently owned operations, everyone is trying to do more work with less time. That's why we're looking for ways to make the every day things like supplying your office easier for you. As part of today's announcement, we've unveiled the Staples Easy System, an ordering ecosystem unlike any other that gives you the flexibility to order what you need on any device (including your next-gen Easy Button), anywhere, at any time. The system remembers past orders and anticipates your needs, saving you time and truly making it easy. Interested in helping us test? Sign up here.

“Staples Business Advantage is committed to providing the most innovative resources and solutions in the market with the highest level of convenience to customers.” - Neil Ringel, Executive Vice President of Staples Business Advantage

Celebrating with our customers - From ringing the bell alongside customers this morning in New York to our Rubbermaid Cleaning Solutions Tour event in Dallas to our "takeover" of the Staples Center in Los Angeles, we're celebrating today's exciting announcement with customers across the country. And we're celebrating online, as well, asking our associates to share how they work to give customers #EveryAdvantage every day, and asking our customers to describe how we can help give them #EveryAdvantage. Watch and join in the conversation along with @StaplesB2B over on Twitter!

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