6 Office Organization Hot Spots

July 31, 2017

Whether you're working from home, in a traditional office, or a mix of both, there are some hot spots to pay special attention to in order to get organized and maximize your productivity.

Desk – The heart of any workspace, your desk is where most of the nitty-gritty work happens. It’s also where the most clutter shows up. Desk organizers have come a long way from black plastic, so you can organize your papers, pens, and other items in style now. And your desk drawers are for more than just breaktime snacks—are you fully using your space?

Chair – Working well and productively means taking care of yourself, and the chair that’s at your workspace can have a huge impact. If you’re trying to organize and optimize your office, don’t forget your office furniture!

Computer – Getting organized? Clear your digital chaos, too. Email overload is a top productivity killer, and setting filters (and boundaries) for your inbox will help you clear the clutter

Phone – Guilty of too many half-finished to-do lists? That smart phone is good for more than just phone calls. With the capability of syncing calendars with emails and other functions, as well as a whole slew of apps that can help with everything from time management to muting digital distractions,  your phone is one of your most powerful weapons in the war against disorganization.

Filing cabinet – No matter how digital you’ve gone, there are always going to be things you need to file for later. Utilize your filing cabinet to its fullest extent by using color-coding or other methods to convey information quickly and visually. It’s far easier (and more secure) than navigating the pile on top of your desk!

Environment – If you’re looking for prime productivity, look beyond just your immediate workspace. Things like lighting, air quality, and sound can impact your productivity and your ability to get—and stay—organized. Access to natural light, comfortable temperatures, and a concentration-friendly noise level are all very important to productivity.

So how are you getting organized today?

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