Marketing Your Business: 3 Ways It Works

February 10, 2016

You have a great product (or service), an enthused, motivated sales staff, a comprehensive advertising plan and top-notch customer service. You’re not getting the level of engagement you’d like from customers, though—so what’s missing? One of the things many businesses neglect to think about is how (and why!) to market their offerings to customers and prospects. So what, exactly, are the reasons to market your business? There are too many to list, so we’ve included some of the biggest, most important reasons to market your business, and how to do so successfully.

Cut through the clutter. It’s no secret that today’s consumers are bombarded with stimuli and messaging. Digital technology has helped satisfy short attention spans and create a culture of consumers who can be hard to reach, in an environment that’s increasingly competitive. Marketing your business through things like flyers, brochures and printed materials, tradeshows, promotional giveaways, or even creative signage and packaging, means reaching people in real-time with messaging that leaves an impression. Tip: Make it memorable. Your marketing should be unique to your brand and your culture.

Staples Advantage customer Celebrity Motor Car worked to create a brand-relevant twist on traditional signage for its “star walkway”

Polish your image. How your customers and prospects perceive your brand is important to your long-term success. A company that makes little information available to the public, or who uses hastily made, unattractive marketing pieces can create an unprofessional and unappealing image of their business, even if that’s not necessarily accurate. Taking pride in everything your customer sees, from your business card to your signage and more, builds your brand and crafts a polished, detail-oriented image that will stay top-of-mind for customers. Tip: Talk to the pros. Professional design and printing services can make the difference between the mediocre and the magnificent.

Enhance face-to-face time. Technology has made connecting with customers easier than ever, and there’s a lot to be said about the convenience of a phone call, email, text message or social media post. But don’t discount face-to-face time completely—being able to interact with your customers can create more meaningful relationships, and enhancing that interaction through carefully selected marketing materials can turn a quick interaction into a relationship builder. Whether it’s tucking a brochure into a bag or folder, or welcoming people to a tradeshow booth, those in-person moments can be a true advantage. Tip: Always be prepared. You never know when you might run into a potential customer, so be sure to prepare in advance and have materials like business cards and brochures ready and available.

There are a lot of moving parts involved in making your business successful, and marketing is just one of those moving parts. Over the next several months, we’ll be talking more about Marketing Your Business, offering tips, tools and tricks to boost your business through the power of marketing!


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