Managing the Monday “Blahs”

February 8, 2016 Sheila Green


Today’s blog features guest blogger Sheila Green giving some insight into how she fights the malaise that Monday can often bring. Sheila is the Document Control Administrator and PPAP Coordinator for Huf North America.

You look at the clock on Sunday night and it reads 9:00. Suddenly you get a familiar feeling in your stomach. Your mind jumps around to different circumstances: Do I feel a cold coming on? Do I have a vacation day I can justify using? Maybe the electricity will go out tonight and my alarm clock won’t go off – wait, your smart phone is programmed to be your alarm clock, and you had a fever suddenly come on last Monday. The reality sets in, no excuses can be found: you have to go to work tomorrow!!

It’s known to some as the Monday morning blahs. You stagger through the morning in a fog, trying to concentrate on where you left off on Friday… which brings up memories of 5:00 last Friday, when you punched the clock and were happy and carefree. But all good things must come to an end. This is a very contagious and spreadable ailment among the workforce, but it is treatable.

  • Eat breakfast, even if it means swinging through the drive-through to get a high calorie item. At least you will have something to start to fuel your brain.
  • Wear a new outfit or spend extra time on your hair. You will feel more confident and poised if you look amazing. Don’t forget to wear your smile – it’s contagious!
  • Tackle the day’s obligations as efficiently as possible.  Handle one task at a time and stay focused.
  • As lunchtime nears, get refreshed by sitting outside or taking a small stroll in your parking lot. Your lungs are not the only part of you that will benefit from the fresh air.

Before you realize it, the clock has moved its way to 5:00, time to wrap up the work day. You made it through another dreaded Monday, only to realize that it really wasn’t so dreadful. You now feel confident that the next time you have that sick feeling in your stomach, it is a result of that takeout you ordered and not a case of the “blahs”!

Sheila Green has worked at automobile manufacturing company Huf North America for 18 years. During her time at Huf, she began as an Administrative Assistant and moved into the position of Document Control Administrator, but like most people, is responsible for many job functions! Born and raised in Iowa, Sheila moved to the beautiful state of Tennessee in 1989, where she, her husband and her three awesome children live on a small farm in the mountains and raise ducks, chickens, and rabbits. She welcomes you to the blog and is looking forward to the opportunity to blog and share with you.


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