3 Ways All Things Digital are Changing How We See Print

January 28, 2016

A lot has been said (some even by us!) about the perceived “war” between print and digital and how it’s impacting businesses. While we’ve learned that print is far from dead, and that digital and print actually work well hand-in-hand, there were some great takeaways in this article with print expert Jeff Crump about how digital media and digital print technology are impacting print. Here were three we found particularly interesting:

The omnipresence of digital media helps print media stand out. How many digital touches do you receive in a day? From your phone to your computer, your tablet to your television, the influence of digital is undeniable. But it can also be overwhelming. With half of workers pleading “email overload,” it’s no wonder that people have gone blind to marketing emails. This makes printed materials a great choice to cut through the digital clutter.

Consumers want and expect to be wowed from the word go. Customer attraction and retention is more competitive than ever, with more opportunities, ways and places for people to buy. What does this mean? The first impression of a product has to be competitive, attractive, and attention-getting. Digital printing technology has evolved the print landscape, bringing the capability to print creative, custom packaging and labels that are eye-catching whether in-person or online. It’s just one more way to give your business a competitive advantage.

Today’s technology allows you to talk directly to your customer. From the Share a Coke campaign to geography-specific welcome signage at a business’s branch location, the one way digital technology has transformed print is through adding customization to print. More than ever, consumers want to know businesses acknowledge them and understand them, and marketers have risen to the challenge by utilizing digital print to create campaigns and materials that are targeted to the customer, and not only a reflection of the product’s brand. Expect this to go further, and be used in even more innovative ways, in the future.

Jeff’s insights on how digital technology is impacting the print industry, and how marketers and businesses are making the most of it, are a great glimpse into today’s trends as well as into what trends we might see in the future. You can check out the full article here.


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