5 Things You Didn’t Know About Bubble Wrap

Amanda Salem

Say the words bubble wrap, and you immediately get a mental picture—and probably a mental sound playback, as well, the popping of one bubble after another. (Or, if you’re like me, the popping of many bubbles all at once. Patience has never been a virtue of mine.) Well, if you’re one of those people who likes to blow off a little steam by snapping the little air pockets, or if you’re just glad all your holiday presents arrived in one piece thanks to their packaging, today’s the day for you. It’s Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day, brought to you by Sealed Air, and we’re celebrating by sharing our favorite bubble wrap celebrations (or inspirations) from our customers, as well as sharing 5 things you might not have known about bubble wrap.

We talked to our experts from Staples Shipping & Packing Supplies to learn more about the package-saving, noise-making reason for today’s celebration. Here’s what we learned from Terry Zois, Account Manager, and Jonathan Bruce, Manager.

  1. Not all bubbles are created equal. When you got your mental picture of bubble wrap, the odds are pretty good you were thinking about a particular size—3/16”, to be precise. But while this is the most common size of bubble wrap, there are also 5/16” and even ½” bubbles. The smaller the bubble, the less fragile the product. If you’re in truly breakable territory, bigger bubbles may be the way to go. And it’s not just down to size—bubbles are graded for their use, like economy grade, high or strong grade, and even food grade.
  2. To stick or not to stick, that is the question. Did you know there’s bubble wrap that sticks to whatever you’re trying to protect? Adhesive bubble wrap will stick right to your product and keep it safe and snug. If you’re not looking for that level of contact, then cohesive bubble wrap sticks to itself, protecting your product while giving it the right amount of space.
  3. Bubble wrap can go the extra mile for electronics. Obviously you want to keep your electronics from breaking when they’re being transported. But did you know it’s about more than just keeping the gadgets in one piece? Anti-static bubble wrap protects your televisions, laptops, smartphones and other tech, keeping it cushioned and zap-free.
  4. Thinking bubbles? Think big. You’ve got a little roll of bubble wrap under your desk for emergency shipments and bad days? Well, imagine the size of the rolls it takes to power a company that manufactures and/or ships goods to thousands of people a day. Now you’re talking serious bubble wrap that comes in everything from sheets to bundles and rolls—and some of those rolls can be as large as 4 feet wide and 4 feet high!
  5. What’s in the box? Ultimately, when you’re ready to pack and ship, ultimately, the bubble wrap is all about what you’re packing and shipping. From the size and type of item to its fragility and surface, the more you know about what you’re sending and why it’s important to keep it safe, the better the bubble!

So what are you waiting for? I’m sure you’ve got some wrap left over from your holiday packages—pop a few bubbles and share your newfound bubble wrap knowledge!

Below: A few of our customers shared photos of their celebrations, creative uses and the bubble wrap fans of the world who inspire them!


Makeshift chair cushions! Genius.

Bubble Wrap Appreciation

Ready for the runway… or the next meeting.

Bubble Wrap 2

The undisputed, inspirational kings of bubble wrap.

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