Do You Know the Truth Behind These 6 Myths?

November 17, 2015 Staples Advantage

Several months ago, we prepped for flu season by launching a survey to find out what people knew about the flu, how they prepared for it, and what they did if and when it hit. It was a pleasant surprise that most people knew their stuff about how contagious the flu is and how they can prevent it… but there are always those myths that linger on like a bad cough.

Here are just a few of them, with the truth behind the myth revealed in the Slideshare below.

  1. The bathroom is the least clean place in the office.
  2. Doorknobs and elevator buttons are the items where the most germs linger.
  3. Hospitals, daycare and public transit are the most likely places for contagion.
  4. Your keyboard is the single most important thing to sanitize.
  5. Your boss will send you home if you’re sick.
  6. Entry-level workers are the most likely to go home if they’re sick.


Surprised that these aren’t true? We were, too. For more information about office health and wellness, visit our Health & Wellness Center!

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