The Cubicle Just Turned 50 – Did You Wish Yours a Happy Birthday?

May 14, 2014 John Michael


Cubicle Staples Advantage

A recent article from Fox Business reminded us that the cubicle just turned 50. The cubicle, also known as the “action office,” debuted in 1964 as an alternative to previous classroom-style arrangements seen in many offices at that time.

There’s irony in the fact that, as we celebrate the cubicle’s 50th birthday, the open office (similar to classroom-style arrangements in the 60s) is making a comeback and gaining serious momentum, albeit in a radically different form. As we’ve discussed, our Workplace of the Future submissions showed us that the open design is here to stay.

While some of us still like working in cubicles due to the semi-privacy that they offer, it’s all about creating the right design in an office that allows for collaboration, while also ensuring areas of privacy. Check out our blog post on the open office for some additional tips on how to make the open office work for you.

What would you write in your cubicle’s birthday card?


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