Haven’t Taken a Break Today? Here Are 4 Reasons Why You Should.

May 29, 2014 Chris Correnti

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When was the last time you took a work break? If the answer isn’t coming to you right away, it’s been too long. Recent survey results from Staples reveal you’re not alone – more than half of all respondents said they feel like they can’t leave their desk to take a break, and they feel guilty when they do. Here are four major reasons why you shouldn’t feel guilty for taking a break today:

Reduce Stress: Nearly half of employees are working longer hours and feeling burnt out. However, spreading short breaks throughout the work day can take your mind off work and help to job effectiveness and satisfaction while helping to significant reduce strain and fatigue from longer work hours. The key is to have more control over what you do during your work breaks, which will help you feel more energized at work.

Enhance Productivity:  Stepping away from work in office breakrooms helps foster productivity by allowing healthy mental breaks, an opportunity to refuel and strike casual conversations. In fact, more than half of respondents (54 percent) reported that regular breaks at work improve their productivity. Take advantage of your company breakroom, especially if it offers comfortable furniture and snacks.

Increase Happiness at Work: Recent research indicates that the key to workplace happiness may be as simple as stepping away for a break.  Almost 60 percent of respondents reported that regular breaks at work would improve their work satisfaction. Next time you are feeling too overwhelmed with work, step away from your desk for a quick break.

Enjoy Some “Me” Time: It’s your break, so use it the way you want to.Employees are working longer days, leaving them with less time outside of traditional work hours. For instance, a lunch break provides significant time to step away from your desk and recharge. Use your break to take a walk, go to the gym or run errands. Doing the activities you want to do will increase your overall happiness while also helping you recharge for a more productive day.

What’s your favorite break time activity?

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