Why Telecommuting Can Help Attract Talent

June 19, 2014 Paul Mullen


Telecommuting recruitment staples advantage

Building a flexible, productive work environment is a great way to retain and attract top talent, which includes offering different work options to employees, such as flexible hours, mobile capabilities, or being able to work from home. An infographic from Column Five and Plantronics on workplace flexibility showed that workers with these options reported 12 percent more job satisfaction.

The infographic also revealed that quality workers are hard to find (44 percent of respondents say attracting and finding quality labor is their biggest challenge), so it may be time to change the way we work and offer better office environments in order to keep and attract talent.

From a Staples perspective, this isn’t surprising, given that our recent telecommuting survey revealed that 71 percent of current telecommuters say it’s an important benefit when considering a new job. Not only that, but 65 percent of employers who allow telecommuting report happier employees, and 33 percent report less absenteeism in the workforce.

The win-win benefits are clear – telecommuting produces happier, healthier employees, while employers can see a more productive workforce and retain/attract talent.

Does your office offer a flexible workplace to encourage productivity? Check out this slideshow to see additional reasons why you should, specifically when it comes to telecommuting.


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