How to Keep Productivity Levels High in the Summer

April 26, 2017


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Summer is obviously a time for traveling and relaxing, but it’s also when workplace productivity drops. With kids home from school and vacations around every corner, you’ve probably noticed employees losing focus; however, because workloads don’t decrease, it’s important employees stay productive and engaged with their work. Here are some tips on how to do so:


  • Create collaborative workspaces. Our productivity survey revealed non-collaborative workspaces were a top reason for decreased productivity. Consider creating an open office environment by including a mix of casual and formal meeting areas to re-energize staff and encourage teamwork and innovation.
  • Provide a well-stocked breakroom. Stepping away from work in a nearby breakroom helps foster productivity by allowing healthy mental breaks so employees can recharge. The majority of survey respondents (78 percent) reported that a well-stocked, comfortable breakroom would make them feel their employer cares about their well-being, so consider offering a range of snacks so employees can refuel and feel appreciated.
  • Offer flexible hours and remote work options. 74 percent of telecommuters named work/life balance as the biggest benefit to telecommuting, and summer is the perfect time to roll out telecommuting programs. People who need to pick up kids from camp, or head out at 5 to drive to a vacation destination will appreciate cutting out commuting time and can maximize their productivity at home.
  • Provide effective and efficient technology. When it comes to telecommuting, employees need the right technology to get work done efficiently, as technology limitations are a top reason for decreased productivity. Additionally, offering mobile technology is a great way to ensure employees can get work done anytime, anywhere.


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