Feeling Safe and Sound? See the Latest Trends in Workplace Safety

October 7, 2014


It’s hard to complain about going to San Diego for work, and even harder when you consider that last month’s National Safety Council Congress & Expo gave the Staples Safety team the opportunity to meet with hundreds of other safety suppliers, manufacturers and experts. It was a team effort with many specialists from Staples Advantage taking part to talk with the attendees about our continually expanding safety offerings. There were still a number of “I had no idea Staples could do that” moments, but not as many as last year! There were also some interesting takeaways from the event.

Emergency preparedness: One of the promising things we noticed at this year’s expo was the increased awareness surrounding emergency preparedness. More businesses are starting to realize that it’s better to prepare for disaster and never have to use their planning than it is to not have any preparations in place.

Making it personal: Another theme that was obvious at this year’s expo was a push for personal safety awareness. While it’s in every employer’s best interest to keep their employees safe, it’s crucial that workers take their own health and safety seriously. This developing attitude helps cement adoption of safety standards, as well as create a safe workplace culture.

Watch your step: Finally, our recent Staples safety survey revealed that throughout all markets, slips, trips and falls are the top concern in the workplace. So, it was no surprise when the National Safety Council revealed at the expo that “slip/fall” problems are the #1 Most Cited Violation by OSHA.

We’re looking forward to 2015, and not just for next year’s NSC Expo in Atlanta – with every month, our safety offering keeps growing, and we’re excited about the increasing momentum and continuing to help our customers stay safe and be prepared!


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