Telecommuters: Out of Sight, Out of Mind?

October 21, 2014 Staples Advantage

When money’s on the line, it pays to be organized. If you wanted a mobile app to make a grocery list, you’d easily find dozens aimed at organizing the items you need, sticking to a budget, and avoiding impulse buys while cruising the aisles. It’s all about sticking to the established list, and many businesses employ similar tactics to make sure they’re getting what they need while staying in budget. But what happens once telecommuters are added into the mix?

That’s one of the several topics up for discussion in the Best-in-Class Sourcing: Rethinking Strategy in the Changing World of Work webcast this Thursday, October 23 at 2 p.m. EST. The webcast is based on the results of a new survey conducted by Staples Advantage that offered some surprising insights into how businesses are—or aren’t—purchasing for their telecommuting workers today.

Only 28% of respondents said they took their office’s telecommuters into account when planning their budget, leaving an eye-opening 72% whose telecommuters may be out of sight and out of mind. This and other findings demonstrate some significant opportunities for savings and streamlining in the form of strategic planning, increased compliance, and detailed reporting.

There are a lot of statistics from the survey that might surprise you, and a lot of good opportunities for purchasing professionals to be prepared for the current telecommuting trend and for the growth of that trend in the future.

Your budget might be on the line, so it pays to be organized. Watch the webcast here and download the materials here.


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