Benefits of the BYOD Boom

May 2, 2017 Staples Advantage

As you’re reading this, where are you? The answer would have had little discernible variance from reader to reader ten years ago, or even as few as five years ago. But now, with mobile technology growing more widely adopted, the opportunities to access the web (and this blog) have become more varied. Keeping in pace with this technology, many businesses have implemented Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies, allowing workers to stay connected on their personal devices whether in the office or at home.

There are challenges to seamless BYOD implementation, from ensuring the proper security measures to analyzing productivity slumps. But a survey of professionals by Evolve IP revealed many realized benefits to mobile and BYOD, as well as some interesting attitude shifts.

Adoption – It’s no surprise that the number of employees working remotely in some capacity is huge. But the shift toward BYOD has become more prevalent, with 47% reporting they are BYOD participants. With many companies negotiating data plan and device discounts with providers, BYOD has become easier—and more widely adopted—than ever.

Productivity – The obvious upside to accessing work data while on the go is the ability to get more done. On average, employees are working remotely more than 10 hours per week, and 67% reported working while commuting, adding an average of nearly a half an hour to their normal workday.

Attitude – The success of BYOD and other mobile devices depends largely on how employees feel about working in a mobile capacity. Surprisingly, very few respondents viewed the “always available” nature of mobile to be a negative. 80% feel the ability to work anywhere, anytime is a positive, and 80% reported a huge, often undiscussed benefit: better work-life balance with the ability to work from home.

So, as you’re reading this, where are you? And where will you be in another five years when mobile and BYOD build the bridge to the next level of employee productivity?


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