Out With the Old, Recycle the New

January 6, 2015 Staples Advantage


The start of a new year can bring many changes, and for businesses, this is an ideal time to think about what’s old in the office and needs to be refreshed, from replacing old technology to cleaning out desks and files for a fresh start. It’s also an ideal time to think about sustainability while embracing “out with the old.” Will your office succeed in a New Year’s Resolution to be greener this year? You can start in these easy ways:

Clean and categorize – As you clean up your desks for a shiny start to 2015, what are you doing with the things you discard? Providing receptacles to recycle paper is an easy first step, but there are other recyclable products at your desk that you might not immediately think of, like ink and toner cartridges, CDs and other storage media, rechargeable batteries, binders and other items. Investigate your local recycling options and sort as you tidy for the most sustainable outcome.

Don’t toss the tech – While electronics are certainly one of the lesser known recyclables in the office, it’s important to handle them appropriately. With data security at the top of many businesses’ minds, discarding old technology can be fraught with worry and confusion. When is a computer truly cleared of sensitive information? When is it safe to recycle or discard? When your office is ready for a tech upgrade, a technology recycling solution (like this easy three-step program from Staples Advantage and partner ERI) answers those questions for you and takes full responsibility for certified data clearing and recycling reporting.

Share the love – Your stapler is functional, but you’ve had your eye on one that makes more of a fashion statement. Don’t you dare throw out the old one—Frank from a few rows over has been missing his for months and would gladly make use of your “unfashionable” stapler. Consider setting up designated days and spots where workers can leave their gently used supplies and find treasures that are new to them.

Whether you’re new to going green or looking to grow your existing commitment to the environment, we have lots of tips on helping you do business that’s both successful and sustainable. For more information about our commitment to the environment and how we can help you achieve yours, check out our Green Focus page.

Happy New Year!

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