Are You Overlooking an Office Germ Hub?

February 10, 2015 Staples Advantage


Your desk is clean, your hands are sanitized, and the office bathroom is sparkling clean. You can feel satisfied knowing you’re fighting the good fight against flu and other germs in the office, right? Well… mostly right. While all those things help fight office germs, there’s one hot spot that gets overlooked: the breakroom.

“The flu and other illnesses can have a domino effect in the workplace—taking down workers and seriously hindering productivity.”

Healthy Workplace

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According to tests conducted by the International Sanitary Supply Association, microwave and refrigerator handles, water fountain and vending machine buttons and faucets all have some of the highest germ concentrations in the office.

Over at Facility Executive, Staples Facilities Solutions Vice President Chris Correnti outlines some of the key ways to boost office productivity and keep the breakroom in mind during flu season and throughout the entire year. You can read his three tips for breakroom cleanliness and office wellness here.





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