Teleworker Tips Series – The Pain of Printing

March 10, 2015 Gina Mroczkowski


The professional workforce is becoming more dispersed, creating new challenges and opportunities for employers. With recent surveys finding telecommuting and mobile workers in as many as 86% of companies, it can be difficult to know how to keep a dispersed workforce supplied and in budget.

As we’ve seen, as many as 66% of companies don’t budget for their workers who spend some (or even all) of their time on the road. As part of our ongoing look at the results from our Telecommuting: Purchasing for the Home Office study, we’re presenting some tips on telecommuting and how to make sure you’re properly preparing your mobile and satellite office.

Tip #1: Print it and pick it up.

Printer ink, paper and other office supplies make up the bulk of telecommuter supply expenditures, and copy and print services are also often requested by teleworkers. Whether employees are working from home or traveling on the road to meet your clients where they are, it’s crucial that they have the sales materials, forms and presentations they need. With home printers often unable to provide the quality, capacity and finishing needed for professional pieces, how do you ensure your workers can print on the go while staying compliant and within budget?

Remote print and pickup programs like this one from Staples Advantage can bridge the gap between the home/hotel/car/plane and the big client meeting while still staying within your purchasing program. Oh, and the full-color, bound and finished presentations that made the difference between a “maybe” and a “yes” from your client? Those can be billed directly to your company so your teleworker and your accounting department aren’t wasting time and energy with the reimbursement forms and processes.


For more information about Print to Store and how it can help your business print on the go and fully realize the potential of your mobile workers, you can read more here.



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