Give Yourself a (Guilt-Free) Break

May 5, 2015 Staples Advantage


We’ve talked a lota lotabout how, when and why to take a break from your work routine. Why all the talk? Because despite productivity, medical and other research all firmly cheering the notion of taking breaks throughout the workday, employees still feel guilty about taking a few minutes for a cup of coffee, a walk around the building, a healthy snack, or any other kind of break.

Gay Gaddis, CEO and founder of advertising agency T3, tackles the notion of how we take a break from work, not just our quick, ten- to fifteen-minute coffee breaks, but real mental and emotional periods of rest that keep us motivated, creative and productive. From careful planning to finding the activities that recharge you, she discusses how stepping away from work physically and mentally can help keep you on the right track in this column for Fortune.

Think you don’t have a few minutes to check out her approach? Give yourself a break… and don’t feel guilty about it!


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