Don’t Mourn Print – It’s Not Dead!

June 9, 2015 Gina Mroczkowski

With hundreds of millions of digital books being sold each year and cloud computing present in everything from our social media activities to our business presentations, it’s not unusual to hear people suggest that “print is dead.” Sure, print as we’ve known it in the past has undergone a lot of changes, but print is far from dead. Think about what you did this morning to get ready for work—maybe you brushed your teeth, made yourself coffee, and stopped to fill your car up with gas. Your toothpaste tube, bag of coffee beans, and corner gas station all have something in common: they use print to attract, engage and inform consumers.

The diversification of the written word has been far from the death knell of printing—it’s driven print to new heights and innovations for businesses. In the age of social media, targeted advertisements, and personalized shopping, people are attracted more than ever to customization. Smart companies are using print to create carefully tailored messaging that can communicate everything from a unique brand to the customer’s individual experience.

Share a Coke

Photo courtesy of The Coca-Cola Company

The appeal of customization has even driven one of the most visible and successful packaging efforts in recent history—Coca-Cola’s “Share a Coke” campaign hinges on print, swapping out the iconic logo with thousands of names, even offering customers the opportunity to personalize and buy bottles. This innovative use of print has allowed the brand to engage with consumers in more than 70 countries and to even carry the printed experience into the digital world with social media campaigns and a virtual experience.

So what’s this mean for your business? Even if you’re a small or mid-sized business, don’t write off print just yet—modern technology can enable you to take a page out of the big guys’ book and stop thinking of print as a “dead language.” Get creative—you might be surprised at all the ways you can use print to boost your brand.

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