Top 5 Benefits of The Touchless Trend

June 16, 2015 Staples Advantage

Whether your workplace is a compact office or a skyscraper, there’s one thing all offices need (but that no one likes to talk about): a clean, functioning restroom.

For facility managers and anyone else responsible for keeping the offices running smoothly, bathrooms are a top complaint, if not the top complaint. Out of toilet paper, out of paper towels, the soap is a mess… so how do the experts deal with this problem spot? They take a hands-off approach with touchless technology.

Automated devices to dispense soap, sanitizer, paper towels, and even air freshener, are a continually growing trend in office design and facilities, and the technology has grown more sophisticated over the years, meaning it’s more accurate, more dependable, more affordable and more attractive. So what makes this a top trend? Here are some of the benefits:

Most of the restroom can be automated. Automatic toilets, air fresheners, soap dispensers, faucets, towel systems and hand sanitizer dispensers have all become more efficient and accurate, meaning touch-free can also be hassle-free.

Less touching means less germs. Doorknobs, countertops, soap pumps and other places are hot spots for germs that can live as long as 24 hours on hard surfaces, putting everyone at risk who comes into contact with those same surfaces for the next day.

Automation can reduce waste. Touchless technology limits the amount of resources used or dispensed. For example, switching from folded paper towels to an automated dispenser eliminates the bad habit of grabbing and wasting a big handful of towels.

It can keep the restroom neater. No one likes to use a messy restroom. The controlled dispensing that eliminates waste also keeps your restrooms cleaner, and automated soap dispensers drip and leak less than bulk dispensers.

Save time and money. You might not think of the restroom as a hot spot for productivity and cost savings, but touch-free can be part of your overall plan for these goals. Less waste and less mess mean you need less time to clean, restock, and address issues. And all that saved waste adds up—using less water, soap and paper towels means spending less money.

Did you know?

More than half of Americans have seen a colleague leaving the restroom without washing their hands! Check out more stats (and reasons to go touchless) in this infographic.

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