Who Should Be Worried About Safety? Everyone.

June 23, 2015 Bob Risk


A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of joining other safety suppliers and experts at Safety 2015. While each year, there are new regulations to discuss, new products to consider, and new insights to take into account, the one thing that struck me this year was the real impact safety has on every segment of a business—and how many companies don’t seem to realize that impact.

To that end, I spoke at Safety 2015 about the impact that safety has on an organization’s bottom line. Last year, we saw that the need for employees to make safety their personal responsibility was a big trend and something that many companies were trying to encourage. This year, as I talked to groups about how safety impacts the whole company, that need became even more apparent.

It may not be top of mind for a sales or marketing department to champion a safety culture for their business. But, for an average business, accidents mean employee replacement, lost productivity, healthcare costs, potential fines, negative effects on employee morale and bad publicity. A worktime accident could mean a big hit to the bottom line. That, in turn, means the company will need to dramatically increase income just to cover those avoidable costs.

The good news is, companies can leverage their existing relationships with suppliers and partners to help create a culture of safety. If your staff is already familiar and comfortable with particular suppliers and partners, it’s worthwhile to investigate those suppliers’ safety options. This provides an easy point of access for all your employees to find out about safety trends and products. The more you can tie safety into every part of the corporate culture, the more mindful all of your employees will be of protecting their fellow workers as well as their bottom line.

Interested in reading more about safety in the workplace? Take a look at our other blogs for more about safety trends and promoting a safety culture for your business.



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