4 Crazy Office Distractions

July 9, 2015 Staples Advantage


Last month, CareerBuilder released the results of a new survey seeking to identify the biggest productivity killers at work from the employers’ perspective. The numbers from our Workplace Index aligned with CareerBuilder’s findings, suggesting email, meetings and noise distraction were all big problems in the office. But one thing we didn’t tackle was the outliers: the bizarre things workers do in the office that kill productivity, and we had to chuckle at CareerBuilder’s list of “The Strangest Non-Work Activities Workers Have Done on the Job.”

Here are a few of our favorites (and some easy fixes for them!):

Employee was trying to hypnotize other employees to stop their smoking habits. We applaud this employee’s devotion to workplace wellness, but it sounds like it might be time to implement a corporate wellness program.

Employee was visiting a tanning bed in lieu of making deliveries. Want a little sunshine? Take your meetings on the go when the day’s nice! Your body will thank you (and your deliveries will get done)!

Employee was playing a video game on their cell phone while sitting in a bathroom stall. Bringing a little “play” to work is a big trend in office design! But a shuffleboard table might be more appropriate than bathroom gaming.

Employee was sleeping on the CEO’s couch. We know burnout’s a big deal! But flexible scheduling, the option to telecommute and regular breaks might help this weary worker get back on track.

For the full list (and some other interesting factoids), check out the results of CareerBuilder’s survey here. What weird activities do your officemates do when they should be working?


Cover image: https://pixabay.com/en/tanning-bed-tanning-wellness-165167/


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