6 Startling Stats on Office Safety

March 24, 2017


Do you think about being safe at your job? If you work in an office environment or at a job that sees you primarily sitting at your desk for the day, you might take being safe for granted. It’s easy to think of workplace safety as a matter of hard hats and safety harnesses, but the reality is much broader—and much more applicable to the office—than that. From office closures to evacuation procedures, safety in the workplace affects everyone, and the results from our annual safety survey revealed some concerning gaps, like the 6 found in this infographic. How is your office handling these 6 key areas of safety?

(click for full-size infographic)

  • 17% say their office does not communicate safety plans effectively
  • 13% say they never receive safety tips
  • 23% don’t know who handles safety related products and planning in their workplace
  • 28% don’t know if they have a safety expert on-site
  • 20% say they receive either last-minute notification or none at all about office closures
  • 46% have traveled to work even when they felt unsafe doing so


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