56% of Businesses Are Neglecting This Key to Success

August 18, 2015 Neil Ringel


What does it take to make a business succeed?

Over the years at Staples Advantage, we’ve worked to try to provide the supplies and services that help businesses succeed, but we understand that at the heart of it, the things we provide help businesses succeed because they help employees succeed and do their jobs well. Employees are at the center of every business, including ours. That’s what drove us to step back and take a look at what’s helping employees succeed in our Workplace Index, and it’s what drives us every day.

Recently, consulting firm Temkin Group released their third annual study on employee engagement, and while businesses are showing improvement, it’s slow. Over half of businesses are in the lowest two stages of employee engagement, and that can hurt the bottom line, considering 75% of companies who are doing a better job of employee engagement are also achieving stronger financial results.

So what is your company doing to help your employees succeed? There were a lot of great insights from the Workplace Index that pointed at improvements businesses could make to reduce burnout, boost engagement and increase loyalty.

More than anything, what the Index found was that it’s important to be flexible with your employees. Technology has helped to blur the lines between work and life more than at any other time in the history of business, allowing businesses to be flexible with teleworking and other options. This flexibility shows your employees that you trust them, that you value their time, and that you appreciate the extra hours and effort they put in when it’s needed. It also helps to maintain work life balance—a hot topic among employees just as employee engagement is a hot topic among employers.

But it’s easy to go beyond flexibility—reliable technology, workplace culture, and office perks are also important to employees and can help engage and energize them in their jobs. Some of these are simple changes, and can have a big impact.

It’s more important than ever that leadership be committed to learning more about what their employees need to succeed and investing in the results. What drives your employees? If you don’t know the answer, maybe it’s time to find out.

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