5 Tidbits for Your Friday Coffee Break

October 2, 2015 Amanda Salem


This past Tuesday was National Coffee Day, a great day for espresso enthusiasts and latte lovers to unite and demonstrate their love of all things java. This meant it was a big week for coffee, with giveaways, contests, quizzes and surveys all centered around the beverage of choice for many Americans.

We even got in on the fun with a survey that revealed we’d be lost without coffee, and had a great chat with “The Productivity Pro” about how coffee fuels her productivity, along with a host of other productivity tips. Here are some of our favorite coffee moments from the week. Brew a cup, take a break, and enjoy.

Record-Breaking Joe – You think the mug perched on the corner of your desk holds a lot of coffee? To celebrate National Coffee Day, Newsweek shared some eye-opening coffee-related world records, including the mega cup that holds more than 3,700 gallons of coffee. My favorite, though, was “Longest Journey by a Coffee-Powered Car.” Some mad genius powered a 1988 VW with coffee for a 209-mile trip. And you thought coffee got YOU going?

Perfecting Your Coffee Game – By the time you get into the workforce, you’re probably a pro at this coffee thing, right? There’s always room for improvement, and Staples helped coffee fans bring their A-game with #CoffeeHack Tweets and other tips. From fun, frozen coffee Popsicles to tasty coffee recipes, there were new ideas and creative inspiration for people who appreciate a new twist to their coffee routine.

A Fight to the Finish – When we asked people to share the intimate details of their coffee habits with us, we weren’t sure what to expect. What we heard was the resounding roar of coffee appreciation from across the country, with more than half of respondents saying they needed at least two cups a day to feel alert and productive. The biggest battle in the survey, however, was whether people were more willing to give up coffee for the rest of their lives, or social media. Social media was down for the count, with three out of four saying they’d rather say farewell to Facebook than hand over their coffee cup.

The Productivity Pro – Yesterday, award-winning speaker and bestselling author Laura Stack heated up Twitter by inviting her audience to sit down with a cup of coffee and join her for an hour-long coffee chat. Between her own preferred method of brewing and how she takes her coffee, Laura gave readers advice on how to get productive and how to stay productive, including making lists and taking plenty of breaks. “Each night, ask yourself, ‘If I got nothing else done tomorrow, what do I have to accomplish to have a productive day?’” Great advice!

Photo credit: ABC

Java on Jimmy – Like a light roast on your coffee beans? What about from your late-night talk show comedians? Jimmy Kimmel gave a little time and attention to coffee on his show Tuesday night, taking the time to talk about our coffee survey. “According to a survey conducted by Staples, 37% of American workers cannot get dressed for work until they have a cup of coffee. Why is Staples conducting surveys about when we’re getting dressed? I mean, aren’t those perverts supposed to be selling office supplies?” Don’t worry, Jimmy—we’re only trying to get you out the door so you can make more happen during your workday.

Whether it’s National Coffee Day or a regular weekday, whether you’re a coffee drinker or a tea fanatic, these fun moments from the last week are a great reminder of how important it is to take a break, have a little fun, and fuel your own personal engines to be at your personal peak of productivity. Now, where’d I put my mug?


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