7 Ways Millennials Work

October 15, 2015 Neil Ringel

How can businesses attract, retain and best work with the millennial workforce? On any given day, business news and LinkedIn feeds are liberally peppered with articles and advice columns on this conundrum, and it’s a worthy one—millennials have fast become the largest contingent of the workforce, and businesses have really begun to understand and invest in the idea that their workers are their greatest asset, so understanding them is paramount.

Recently, our Staples Business Advantage Workplace Index sought to really dive deep into how we as a country are working—how does the average worker feel, and how does management feel? As part of this survey, we asked the different generations about what motivated them, how they worked, and what their attitudes were toward their work and their employer. We got a lot of great information, and we found that there are some clear ways millennials are motivated to be superstars in the office. Here are 7 things that might shed a little more insight on this growing workforce and how to form a great working relationship with them.

Millennials (workers ages 18-24) will soon become the largest demographic in the U.S. Workforce. Our 2015 Staples Business Advantage Workplace Index Survey can help you understand what motivates them to succeed.

  • 71% say salary is not the biggest factor in determining their loyalty
  • 1 in 5 say their direct boss motivates them to perform well
  • More than half (52%) of millennials work from home after the standard workday is done
  • 49% say workplace flexibility makes them happier
  • 59% say workplace flexibility makes them more productive
  • 28% say feeling appreciated makes them more loyal
  • 26% say recognition helps them do their best work

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