More Breakroom Nightmares

November 3, 2015 Mary-Leslie Davis


We tackled some of the biggest breakroom pet peeves back in February, asking our colleagues at Staples Business Advantage what food choices drove them crazy in the office. Recently, we asked our customers a more specific question, with a much bigger hot button: What’s the most unappetizing thing that a coworker has reheated in the breakroom?

The usual suspect – As always, fish made a strong showing.

Anything fish-related tends to contaminate the whole office. – Tim D.

OMG! Fish! Definitely fish! YUCK! – Tracey C.

Fish… the smell lasts for hours. Jonathan G.

Anything that used to swim in a pond or an ocean. – Melissa P.

Fish. Tastes so good. Smells so bad. – Anita

Creative culinary combos – When fish alone isn’t enough… some of our customers’ coworkers are not doing anything halfway with these combinations.

A mix of pickled eggs, smoked salmon and garlic. – Renae R.

Two-day old fish and asparagus combo. Unreal. – Chris D.

Salmon with broccoli. – Sherri S.

Leftover fish and pickled veggies. – Linda L.

It’s all in the timing – As with our office, our customers had a lot of thoughts about the pleasantness of popcorn… until you overdo it.

Burned popcorn. The smell just lingers for days. – Cheryl W.

The bag literally caught on fire. – Kat Y.

Someone burned a bag of popcorn… the place stunk for a week! – Susan S.

The oddballs – We shouldn’t be surprised by now by what people will bring into the breakroom, but we had to laugh at these more unusual picks.

Squid. – John N.

Turtle soup… yuck! – Beth

Deer stew. – Kathy M.

Nothing reheated… but someone brought something in called head cheese. What a gut-wrenching smell! – Zanyla

Thank goodness it wasn’t the microwave – And this story had our whole team laughing, even though it (thankfully) wasn’t the microwave:

This wasn’t a reheat issue… but a teacher tried to store frozen mice for a classroom’s pet snake in the breakroom freezer! – Marc L.

Looking at our customers’ picks made us feel a little better about what our own colleagues bring into the office! So what’s the worst thing that’s been reheated (or brought into the breakroom) in your office?


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